The FERAL FIG ARCHIVE is a visual content provider, offering prints, books and a small collection of high quality royalty-free stock photography.

We are offering fine art prints of works we create which include original photographs, paintings and collages.

The feral fig, our not so feral tabby cat, has been watching patiently as photographs and paintings collect in our digital archive. And while her three siblings don’t share her philanthropic ambition, she has the humble wish to spread the good life to the less fortunate of her kind. Save Them All by 2025 is the tagline of her favorite organization, a goal she wishes to support. So we created an online presence and called it the Feral Fig Archive to help her reach that goal. A win for everyone, you get to expand your collection or decorate your home at a great price, we get to maintain and grow the archive, cats and dogs will receive more funds to find fabulous new homes.

This is what we have to offer:

RF Stock Images - We are not a volume based image licensor, rather a micro provider covering limited categories of product oriented photography for your imagery needs. Although many of our images can be licensed for commercial use, there are restrictions for images with content that includes manufacturer or designer signage or labels. Therefore, some of our downloadable content is for non-commercial use only which includes blogs and other editorial content in printed and online media. These are indicated FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY.

Prints - C-Prints (traditional photographic paper prints) and Fine Art Giclee (prints made with archival pigment inks). We outsource prints from third party print labs, which enables us to stay cost efficient.

Books - Currently a small selection of pre-owned photography books. 

Thank you for browsing,

The Feral Fig Archive Team